Stop Spam!

There is no way of knowing exactly how many forms that has been hijacked by spam bots over the past years, but the problem is severe, and growing worse by the hour.

So, what exactly is a spam bot?

These vicious software bots search the web for pages containing submission forms of all kinds. Contact forms, feedback forms, guest books, order forms, you name it...
Once it finds a promising form, it tries to submit it once using "extra code" containing such things as alternate encoding-instructions, alternate recipients by BCC(Blind Carbon Copy) and other similar information. If it succeeds in submitting the form with these codes, it uses the form again, but this time it tries to send spam to maybe a few thousand BCC-recipients at the same time. Once this succeeds, the bot uses the form over and over again to do the same thing.
It can use the forms hundreds of times per minute, sending spam to thousands of unwanting recipients each time.
And usually, the site where the form is located goes into a grinding halt. The bot uses up all the web server's resources, draining CPU power and memory, burning all of your high-priced bandwidth in a matter of minutes. IP-blocking doesn't work, since the bot generates a new IP number for every time it uses the form.

And to be honest, so far there has been absolutely no satisfying way to stop this from happening.

Literally thousands of sites have been forced to shut their forms down. Web dev and webmaster discussion boards all over the world are swamped with cries for help from the site owners that has had their forms hijacked, and the solutions offered are zilch, zero, nada. At best some misplaced recommendations on how to stop other types of bots from harvesting email links from your page code.

This is a huge problem!

Just think of it! You may be running a popular gaming site, info site, E-commerce site, Your company website, whatever. Somehow you hope to benefit from your creation, economically or otherwise. The forms you use are crucial to the site's popularity and for your business. If your forms get hijacked and you have to shut them down, your visitors will leave, your sales will drop, your ad revenue will disappear, and you will look like a fool. are proud to announce the final stop to spam bots!

Yes! We did it! A vast number of man hours has been put into this project, with all the research, all the coding and all the testing. We have actually done our best to get forms to be hijacked, in order to try out the functions of our products.(!) It sure was fun to watch the bots hammering away at our first protected form. The first one gave up after some 300 tries, alternating it's input and IP for each time. But nothing, NOTHING these bots came up with got passed the protection!

Our solutions will work on virtually any type of form there is!

With versions for PHP and ASP we cover just about any need you might have, and the cool thing is, you don't need to do any modifications to your forms!

The protection is contained in a separate file that processes the submitted information BEFORE it is actually submitted. If it finds anything at all that isn't supposed to be submitted, it just shuts the submission down, and it is the spam bot's turn to go into a grinding halt.

This site is being built right as you read this!

We have just finished the last testing period of our products, and we decided to put up the site to the public even though it isn't completed yet.

Are you interested in our products?

Great! Since we haven't had time to get the site completely finished yet, the best way to inquire or order is to contact the developers of Spambot at their company website.
Visit the developers website

Money back guarantee!

Yes, of course! We do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Since spam is such a large and profitable industry, there will probably be attempts to outsmart our solutions.
So if a spam bot actually runs us over on your protected website, we will give you a full refund, as well as a free copy of our product after it has been updated.

We offer secure payments via paypal - one of the largest payment companies in the world!