Frequently asked questions - and answers :-)

Q: So, how does this thing work?
A: Well, it stops spam bots! We have a whole section describing the ins and outs of the spam bot killer, how it works, what it does and why you can't live without it. Please refer to the "How it works"-section in our top menu.

Q: Will your product really make sure I'll never receive any spam through my forms?

A: No. This is not a spam filter, and even though using our protected forms will dramatically reduce the number of spam you get through the forms, that's just a pleasant side effect. Our products will stop all attempts from automated spam software to hijack your forms and use them to send out spam to thousands of recipients with each form submission. That is the products purpose, and anyone who has had their forms hijacked knows just what we mean. The occasional spam message is something you can live with, but a hijacked form can literally destroy your business in just a few days.


Q: But what if it doesn't work?
It works. But since the spamming industry is very profitable, there will always be attempts to outsmart us with new software acting differently, so there is of course a small chance that you might run in to a new bot that manages to use the form. We work very hard on keeping ahead of the spaming industry, and so far, not one single protected form has been "cracked". None the less we offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee, and if you somehow feel that the protection has been compromised by a bot, just contact us and we will investigate what has happened and make 100% sure that yur form is updated if neccessary - free of charge!


Q: Why should I pay for this? There is other ways that doesn't cost anything...
Sure, there is other ways, but none of them are as foolproof as our protected forms. One of the better methods is the well-known Captcha-method, but bots are actually able to read the captcha images unless they are very distorted, which makes them hard to read. Not very good for your company to have a hard-to-use form. And the fact is that due to new web accessibility laws for disabled, the captcha method is in fact illegal in many countries. Our method is invisible to the visitors using your form, and fully valid as far as accessibility goes. Pretty neat, huh!?


Q: I'm a website newbie, I don't understand all this "choose number of fields and ID's" stuff... Can I still use your product?
Of course! You have several options for ordering. If you don't want to use the form generator, you can order a ready made form from our selection, and if you already have a form you want to protect, just send it to us, and we will return it protected and secure as soon as payment has been made.


Q: My company has a large number of forms on our website, do I really have to pay $XX for every single form I want to protect?
AHA! You haven't read the page with our pricing options! We have several pricing options depending on how many forms you want to protect. If you have many forms, just select a larger package and the price-per-form will be dramatically reduced in comparison to buying single form licenses.
ARE YOU A DEVELOPER? Naturally we also have a developers license! Please check out the pricing options for more information.


Q: Holy shit! This is so great! Is there any way I can offer this solution to the clients in my web hosting business?
Now here is someone with brains :-)) Of course we will help you out! Please go to our very protected contact page and let us know what you have in mind, and we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business!


Q: This sucks! Aren't you just trying to rip people off?
Listen dude, either you are a spammer yourself, or you just have no idea just how bad things can go if your forms gets hijacked by a spam bot! The typical pattern of a bot is that it "tests" your forms a time or two, to find out what fields are available and how the form reacts to its tests. Then it will send a spam message directly from your form on your website every 2-5 minutes or so, and every message is sent to thousands of recipients via a BCC-line that the bot simply enters into one of the fields. This will cripple your server and drain your bandwidth completely, and your web host will blacklist you before you can whisper "spam bot". Yuo have to find a new host for your website, and once you do, guess what? That darn spam bot sniffs you out again through your domain name and goes to work the second your form is uploaded to your new hosting account. But wait - there's more! The friendly bot has a nasty habit of inviting his bot-buddys to the party, so this time there might several bots working your forms! Yuo get blacklisted again, new host, same thing, and so on...
Now - How will this affect YOUR business???? We have spent a uncountable number of hours working on our form protection, and we sell it for rediciolusly low price. What's a few bucks compared to the scenario described above?

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Money back guarantee!

Yes, of course! We do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Since spam is such a large and profitable industry, there will probably be attempts to outsmart our solutions.
So if a spam bot actually runs us over on your protected website, we will give you a full refund, as well as a free copy of our product after it has been updated.

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